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SIM Kool Industries


SIM Kool Industries has specialized in the production and handling of air-conditioners, refrigerators, water coolers and washing machines parts. Our main exporting products are aluminum propellers (8” ~ 31.5” CW/CCW), blowers housing assembly, MS propellers, plastic propellers, plastic blowers, GI blower wheels, aluminum wheels, spring part, variable speed controller,  air-conditioner front louvers, brass fittings, charging / access valve, plastic knob sets, glass heaters, starting capacitors, electronic relays of all kind, plastic impellers, pulleys, routers, fabrication and manufacturing of heavy mechanical parts for cement, chemical and sugar mills, high tension nuts and bolts, foundation bolts etc.


We are also importers for Air-conditioning and refrigeration spare parts duly supplied to domestic manufacturers as well as for whole sale market. Our main import items from China, Korea and Italy are Copper pipe coils, Capillary tubes, Copper fittings, Refrigerator condenser fan motors, Thermostats (Ref. Water Cooler, Air-condition), Thermal disc, Embrazing rods, Air conditioner and refrigerator motors and Cross flow blowers. We are also importing many other items related to Air-conditioning & Refrigeration field.